Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is The Closest Whitewater Rafting To Denver?

Clear Creek near Idaho Springs is a great whitewater rafting section. Located thirty five miles and roughly forty minutes from Downtown Denver, Clear Creek offers Class II – Class IV rapids for individuals and families looking for a whitewater rafting day trip! 


Perfect for families with young children ages six and up, this section of the Arkansas River is the closest river rafting section to Denver. With rapids that range from Class II to Class IV, Clear Creek offers the proximity and adventure perfectly suitable for families and experienced rafters alike. 


At Denver Rafting Adventures, our experienced raft guides provide rafting excursions suitable for half day and full day trips from Denver. Book your experience today!     


What Should I Wear on a Rafting Trip to Clear Creek?

You will get wet during a rafting trip! Wear breathable clothes that dry quickly. Think swimsuits or clothes you would wear to a gym! 


Head Protection

A helmet is required when whitewater rafting. All guests are provided a helmet for protection during the rafting excursion.

Top Wear

Quick drying fabrics like cotton, nylon and polyester are great. A t-shirt made from a quick drying fabric, is a great option. Bathing suits for women and t-shirts for men are popular options. The sun can be bright so our outfit provides waterproof tops for all guests.

Bottom Wear

Swimwear is a great option for the bottom half. Basketball shorts and other quick drying fabrics provides suitable attire as well.


Sandals with an ankle or heel strap are best. Nylon sneakers, and sneakers that can dry quickly are also suitable options.

Change of Clothes

Remember to bring a change of clothes with you on your trip! You may also want to bring sunscreen with you.

What Rafting Trips Are Suitable For Families?

Our Beginner and Intermediate Rafting Trips are perfect for families. Suitable for day trips from Denver. These trips offer Class II & Class III rapids that are suitable for all families with children ages six and up. The intermediate trip is a great rafting trip for families with older children and those that are interested in experiencing more whitewater thrills. The Intermediate trip is the most popular excursion for families offered by Denver Rafting Adventures.

Do I Need a Reservation For Clear Creek?

Reservations are recommended and strongly encouraged. To book your whitewater rafting trip for Clear Creek, please find the desired trip in our online booking app

Does Denver Rafting Adventures Operate In Bad Weather?

We operate in rain or shine. Please be prepared to raft in all sorts of weather conditions.

Is Clear Creek in Buena Vista?

No. Clear Creek is accessible from our rafting outpost in Dumont, CO. Dumont is located just outside of Idaho Springs, CO. Dumont is located in Clear Creek County, CO. Buena Vista, CO is located in Chaffee County. Buena Vista is roughly two hours away from Denver and provides beautiful and adventurous whitewater rafting trips.

How Do I Book a Reservation with Denver Rafting Adventures?

To book a reservation please book online, or call us at (844) 844-RAFT.
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